Kids Voting Shakopee’s Mission Statement

Our mission is to prepare young people to be educated, engaged voters; support educators in teaching the rights and responsibilities of citizenship; stimulate political awareness among youth and adults; and increase participation in our democracy.

The Results are In!

Thank you to our student voters, teachers, parents and our many community volunteers who made Election Day 2015 possible for our students.  Here are the winners of each office, as chosen by our students:

  • Shakopee Mayor:  Kathi Mocol (40.9%)
  • Shakopee City Council:  Kari McGuire (22.9%) and Jay Whiting (22.9%)
  • Shakopee School Board:  Reggie Bowerman (24.5%), Matt McKeand (23.5%), and Angela Tucker (23.3%)
  • Shakopee School Board Special Election:  John Canny (67.7%)
  • Savage Mayor:  Janet Williams (100%)
  • Savage City Council:  Matt Johnson (25.2%) and Christine Kelly (26.2%)

Details of the results can be found here.

More information on Kids Voting Shakopee can be found on the About Us page.